Importing From Auctiva


Why import from Auctiva?

I have been asked by a huge number of people what is the best method to import their photos and saved listings from Auctiva. As a result i have produced a program which allows you to grab your images and saved listings and store them on your PC. The program is not perfect - it does require you to step through the relevant pages since it is not possible to grab all the information in one go. It can also take a while but this is nothing compared to doing them one by one.

The first version just imports your pictures and saved listings. Pictures are stored in c:\auctivaimport\images and your thumbnails from saved listings are stored in c:\auctivaimport\thumbnailimages. It also creates a XML file which contains all the details about your images and one which contains all the details about your saved listings. I can use these XML files to later import them into AuctionSplash. I could have created a custom import function but decided to make it open. This means that you could use the XML files to import into another application. In my view, these are your photos and listings and you should be free to decide what to do with them.

I have put a little help into the program but basically you click on the login button then enter your user name and password. You then click on the Images button and you will see that you are taken to the images page. Once the page download is complete you can click on the Grab Images button and it will pull down all your images. You will see these images start to appear in c:\auctivaimport\images. Once all the images have been downloaded you  will see a prompt telling you to go to the next page (page navigation is at the bottom of the web page). Go to the next page and then click on Grab Images again. Repeat in a similar fashion for the saved listings.

You can change the number of images displayed per page so that you have to change pages less often.

The import will take a while but I think it is much quicker than doing one by one. Sometimes you may find that there is a timeout, this is due to the Auctiva servers responding a little slowly. If this happens then please close the Auctiva Import Program and restart. You can proceed to the page your were currently importing and continue from there.

The program uses ClickOnce so when I update the program the next time you start it will download the update.

You can get the Auctiva Import Program from


Please let me know how you get on since the program may require some refinement.

HOw can I save my photos and saved listings in auctiva

If you have invested a large amount of time in setting up your Auctiva account then you should be backing up the information anyway. If you are unable to afford the services of Auctiva then you need to have another service which will allow you to list on eBay and you will need to use your photos and saved listings.