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User Guide

If you have a number of photos and saved listings with Auctiva and you want to back them up prior to deciding which FREE eBay listing software to move to then please check out our Auctiva Import Page. The program will pull down your images and saved listings and save them on your PC. The information is saved in an open format so you could list with another package although we do hope that you will start to use AuctionSplash!

How is AuctionSplash different to Auctiva?

For a start .. AuctionSplash is free and we have no plans to charge. AuctionSplash is a PC based application. That means that you download the application and install it on your PC. This has a large number of benefits to you and it also means that the AuctionSplash servers only have to store your photos (up to 8 per listing currently) and hence we do not have huge computing requirements like Auctiva does.

We are working on making AuctionSplash even better and we welcome your suggestions for improvements and additions.